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Wincham Consultants supply owners or prospective buyers of Spanish property legal and Taxation advice to structure the ownership of their Spanish property to significantly limit themselves and their Beneficiaries from Spanish Tax liabilities.

Most people are unaware of the fact that when they or their partner dies the survivor may be liable for Inheritance Tax both in their country of domicile and in Spain. The additional Tax that their children will pay when the second partner or parent dies is an even bigger surprise. The third explosive fact is that the property cannot be sold to fund the taxes !

Wincham are the market Leaders in helping Client's purchase and own Spanish property within a UK Limited Company structure as we manage over 500 UK Companies that own Spanish property.

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Wincham Investments Limited

  • Wincham
    was established
    during 1994
    and is celebrating 20
    years in Business

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  • Wincham International Limited
  • About Wincham

    Wincham has offices located in the UK and Spain and within our organisation we have qualified professionals in both jurisdictions, these include Gestores, Economistas, Tax Consultants...

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  • The Problem

    The UK system of IHT, a husband or wife is usually an exempt beneficiary, but in the Spanish system.

    Your husband or wife will not be exempt from Spanish Inheritance Tax...

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  • Our Solution

    Our solution simplifies matters by assisting Clients to invest their Spanish property into a UK company (Wincham can provide this), of which the clients are both Directors and shareholders...

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  • Clients Comments

    Here are some positive comments made by Wincham Clients

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